Monday, August 10, 2009

Dear Tim Hortons: Really?

Joe.My.God. reports that Tim Hortons is sponsoring an anti-gay-rights event held by the so-called “National Organization on Marriage” in Rhode Island: Tim Hortons Sponsors NOM Event.

Now, Timmy Ho’s doesn’t strike me as being the world’s most progressive organization—I don’t see them sponsoring Pride events any time in the near future—but appending their corporate name to something this far in the other direction strikes me as both unethical and unwise.

Feel free to contact them to note your distaste.

Monday, August 03, 2009

Toronto Parks and Rec = Photoshop Disaster

So I headed over to the Toronto Parks and Rec site to see when my strike-affected yoga might recommence, and I was greeted by this monstrosity:


Immediate reaction: check blogs to ensure this horrorshow has been recorded for posterity. And indeed it has, over at Photoshop Disasters, which even managed to acquire the original photo. City of Toronto: Token Brilliance

And oh man, they cite a National Post article. All I can assume is that somewhere, a man with a goatee and a pitchfork is putting in an order for ice skates, because I am in agreement with NP on this one…this was insane. Was the original family, delightfully non-WASPish, somehow not diverse enough?