Saturday, July 21, 2007

No, really. I'm weird like that.

BBC: Taiwan applies for UN membership

I wonder if Taiwan realizes that's unlikely to happen?

Here's the problem: China considers Taiwan a breakaway province, and no one want to make China angry. Now, to be fair, one of the longstanding problems has been resolved, in that Taiwan is no longer claiming to be the proper representative of all of China. But still, angry China is bad news for everyone, especially given their security council veto. And frankly, there's been so many work-arounds put in place, I don't think anyone's really concerned about Taiwan's status as a virtual non-country.

BBC: First female president for India

Oh India, you are now and forever my favorite developing country. As the Beeb notes: "Millions of women in India face discrimination and poverty often linked to age-old traditions which require the parents of a bride to pay a large dowry to the family of her eventual husband." And yet, you're way more likely to have women in leadership roles than most Western countries. "A study in contrasts" is a massive understatement.

BBC Again: Two held over Rwandan massacres

Is France finally getting their act together? Also: one of these accused genocidaires is a priest. Oddly, despite what I know about the genocide, that still upsets me.

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