Sunday, January 13, 2008

News Roundup New organ donation rules don't exclude gay men

New Health Canada regulations won't prohibit sexually active gay men from donating their organs, but will merely formalize standard industry practice to prevent transmission of disease, according to several Canadian transplant associations.


Suburban sex-trade workers more vulnerable

Suburban prostitutes are more vulnerable to attack or even murder because of a lack of support services compared with their big-city counterparts, says a former sex-trade worker who once strolled the streets of small-town British Columbia.


U.S. doctors weigh in on right-to-life case

Samuel Golubchuk, the 84-year-old Orthodox Jewish man whose life has become the subject of a court battle over his family's right to demand he be kept on a life-sustaining ventilator, has shown signs of improvement in recent weeks and may not be near death


‘Sanctuary’ means nothing in Canadian law: Day

Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day said Friday that it doesn't matter if Laibar Singh is hiding out in a place of worship or a mall, he's still not entitled to stay in Canada.


Trio charged with human trafficking

Eastern European woman helps uncover ring involving dizzying array of suspects and countries

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