Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Oxymoron Alert: The Torturing Rabbi

S-dub brought up the following story in international criminal law:

Rabbi, wanted in child abuses, hiding in Canada: Israel to seek extradition for radical, so-called spiritual mentor of a group involved in systematic torture of children

A radical rabbi once linked to a plot to fire a missile at Jerusalem's Temple Mount, is hiding in Canada, Israeli police said yesterday, announcing that he is wanted for his alleged role in a series of ghastly abuses of his followers' children.

Hilariously, and I mean that in a dark and cynical way, since the torture of children is never funny ha-ha, is this:

A friend quoted in Haaretz yesterday said Mr. Chen and Mr. Fisher believed that "only in very exceptional cases does Canada extradite."

Um, no. That'd be a big no. We only deport to death penalty in exceptional cases, since Burns & Raffay (United States v. Burns, [2001] 1 S.C.R. 283, 2001 SCC 7).

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