Wednesday, June 04, 2008

In which I am in agreement with Kung Fu Monkey

John Rogers of Kung Fu Monkey has an excellent post on the myriad problems of supporting Clinton qua female candidate. Would it have been awesome to have a female president? Yeah, I guess so... (I am honestly not fashed by the lack of women world leaders--as long as the numbers continue to increase and not backslide, I can think of a dozen good reasons for it, like oh say, men can't have babies yet and they throw a wrench into ones career, or maybe the fact that world leaders are baby boomers and thus one of the first generations to take sexual equality seriously ... these thing do take time to work out, you know).

But Clinton went nuts. Yes, women in the public spotlight are held up to harsher standards (Belinda Stronach, anyone?) ... but Clinton went mental. Excuse me for being so terribly post-feminist here (some, I realize, would say naive) but honestly people, how much respect have women "earned" if we support, en masse, a lesser candidate just because she shares our chromosomes?

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