Sunday, August 03, 2008

Quotable DEXTER

"There's something strange and disarming about looking at a homicide scene in the daylight of Miami. It makes the most grotesque killings look staged, like you're in a new and daring section of Disney World: Dahmerland!" -- S01E01 "Dexter"

"Needless to say I have some unusual habits, yet all these socially acceptable people can't wait to pick up hammers and smash their food to bits. Normal people are so hostile."-- S01E01 "Dexter"

"The only real question I have is why in a building full of cops, all supposedly with a keen insight to the human soul, is Doakes the only one who gets the creeps from me?" -- S01E01 "Dexter"

"The problem with eating and driving, which I love to do, is not being able to employ the 10-2 hand position on the wheel. It's a matter of public safety. But there's always a sacrifice." -- S01E01 "Dexter"

"I can kill a man, dismember his body, and be home in time for Letterman. But knowing what to say when my girlfriend's feeling insecure ... I'm totally lost" -- S01E02 "Crocodile"

“Her husband’s a crack head and her boyfriend's a serial killer ... it’s kind of hard not to take that personally.” -- Season 1


Deb: The Bay Harbor Butcher is one of our own.
Lundy: We keep this to ourselves for now. Just the three of us.
Angel: Well I'm gonna go tell it to a bottle of scotch.

-- Season 2

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