Wednesday, June 18, 2014

This is not a thing: Non-Muslim attorney in hijab wants other women in court to wear hijab

This is old, but it came up in looking into the backstory of current 9/11 trial shenanigans. Look, no one should wear distractingly revealing clothes in court. And although I'm pretty sure she's misinterpreting the purpose of hijab/modest clothing in Islam (supposed to be about the wearer, not about other people, and for that reason not supposed to be imposed) I guess she can wear whatever she wants. But I get the distinct feeling this is a stunt move, meant to draw attention, which is the opposite of hijab. This is underscored by the behaviour of the defendants.

And see above re: not imposing it on others.

Attorney in hijab defends call for other women at 9/11 hearing to wear 'appropriate' clothing | Fox News

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