Thursday, March 08, 2007

Noam Chomsky is not light reading...unless you are Noam Chomsky

Dear sweet and fluffy lord,

So, long time no blog. It's been a helluva week: shakeups at the office, the Journal, family medical emergencies, birthday parties, and all manner of such things. It's shocking that Reading Week is over, and it's THURSDAY for heaven's sake.

Right now I'm reading Failed States by Noam Chomsky. It's um...interesting. It's also the teeny-tiniest bit...let's say...strident. Also, it references not only Chomsky's previous works (a pet peeve of mine; however, when you're Noam freakin' Chomsky, or otherwise one of the most prolific authors in any given field, you will have to reference yourself) but omits footnotes in favor of end-notes referencing citations in his previous works. *grinds teeth in editorial frustration*

Other sizable pet peeves...I've fallen behind in a number of my "stories" and so an dl'ing them...I'd watch them on the network site, but I'm not allowed to because I'm in Canada. Anyway, I always get into this situation where I've got, say, 5 of the 6 episodes I've missed, but it's the first one I'm missing, so I can't watch the others, and the first one is trickling in at a few kB/s. Even at school, where I get pretty excellent connections, the episode is rare enough that I can't get a good speed going.

And I can't buy it either. See above, re Canada. Gah.

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