Monday, March 12, 2007

Books r fun

I just finished reading the latest Kathy Reichs book Break No Bones . I will fully admit to being a voracious consumer of the works of Reichs and similar authors like Jeffrey Deaver

and Patricia Cornwall. I love me some forensic anthropology/pathology, apparently. D.R. and I often discuss how she should go into forensics because you get to work with really hot people and the soundtrack is awesome (e.g. BONES, the CSI franchise, et cetera).

It is just possible that I have been unduly influenced by television.

What is far more exciting is that the conclusion of Break No Bones was directly related to the paper I'm writing for Scott's International Human Rights Law course, In fact, Reichs mentions Nancy Scheper-Hughes in her epilogue, and directed me to the NGO Organs Watch, which in all my Google-fu and so on I had not found. So I guess leisure reading has its uses after all. J

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