Saturday, December 09, 2006

Thank you, Stephen Harper?

So I meant to post about this yesterday, but had a total brain fart...

Anyway, the Globe has a piece on the closure of the same-sex marriage debate.

To which I say: What debate? We have a Constitution, it's protected by the Constitution, and amending the Constitution would practically require Jesus of Nazareth and Pierre Trudeau to descend from heaven (or where-ever) into the House of Commons and demand it.

The only disingenuous thing, really, is that the first sentence is:
Prime Minister Stephen Harper has declared the contentious issue of same-sex marriage to be permanently closed.
And some papers are actually using that as they headline. As though the man woke up Thursday morning and said to himself: You know? I think I've been wrong about same-sex couples...they deserve the same rights as everyone else. No, no, no. They tried to re-open the debate (see above, re: what debate?) and the House told them to drop it. They lost.

Face it, fiscal-cons, Harper and a good number of the neo-cons are now and will always be soc-cons, but I will credit him with an admirable respect for reality when he admitted defeat and said they were dropping the question. And since I don't really think he can attack access to abortion, I feel the weight mantle of militant opposition lift from my shoulders...I am now free to nit-pick the government's social spending and applaud their pro-military stance and attempts to secure human rights for Canadians imprisoned abroad.

This did make me laugh:

"I am afraid that the Conservative Party feels that they can take social
conservatives for granted in this country," said Joseph Ben Ami, executive director of the Institute for Canadian Values.

"Mr. Harper and the Conservatives are going to have to explain, I think, what people in our constituency are going to perceive as a certain lack of leadership surrounding this question in the last few days."

Social conservatives are not likely to turn to the Liberals, said Mr. Ben Ami, but they can stay home on voting day.

Haha...oooh, scary. What if the fundies stay at home?! Why we might even get...a Liberal government!

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