Thursday, May 24, 2007

Human rights 'eroded worldwide'

Okay, so this is less "news" than "known facts", but I feel this report on Amnesty's review of human rights is interesting if only because it is so scathing and blunt. Amnesty International's Secretary General Irene Khan said:

The politics of fear are fuelling a downward spiral of human rights abuses in which no right is sacrosanct and no person safe.

Ouch. Yes, world at large, we suck. Some other lowlights:

During the Lebanon war, the report says, it took the UN weeks to call for a truce. Some 1,200 civilians lost their lives in the conflict.

...the world "showed no stomach" in tacking human rights abuses resulting from severe restrictions on freedom of movement of Palestinians, attacks by the Israeli army and also the Palestinian infighting. ...

Ms Khan described the continuing conflict in Sudan's Darfur region as a "bleeding wound on the world's conscience".

The report says that armed groups in the region waged a campaign of terror in 2006, clearing whole communities from their villages. ...

The thing I hate about these broad indictments is that they don't offer any suggestions other than STOP THIS FROM CONTINUING. I've obviously hewn out a space in the world where I can try and fix some of these things, but its hardly accessible to everyone.

Other pieces of not-really news:

Chronic Pain May Dim Memory (WebMD)

To which all I can say is:

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