Sunday, February 18, 2007

Because the sex trade can handle more bad press...


How the heck did I miss this news item? ("Richmond woman faces bawdy house charges"). My first thought was: of all the places in the world to complain about bawdy houses, the Lower Mainland is likely the most ironic. For those of you who don't follow the Canadian news or the non-Ontarian news, that's because Vancouver is currently hosting the trial of Robert Pickton, charged with the murders of 26 women (many of them prostitutes, many of the First Nations, many of them addicted to drugs) from Vancouver's troubled Downtown Eastside.

Generally speaking I support the decriminalization of prostitution, based on the argument that we're never getting rid of it, and keeping it semi-criminalized seems to endanger sex trade workers more than it helps them.
Of course, as it turns out, it was more of a human-trafficking/sweatshop situation...thus restoring my faith in Vancouver as the least puritanical of Canadian cities.

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