Saturday, February 03, 2007


Thursday night I went over to the palatial new apartment of 3 (temporarily 4) of my friends. There, among other things, I ogled Hypatia's** collection of books. God I love books, and she has dozens that have been on my "must read when not braindead" list. Hypatia lent me The Bone Woman, which I proceeded to read cover-to-cover on Friday.

It brought back all the thrill and righteous anger of my first reading of Carol Off's The Lion, The Fox, & The Eagle, a book which remains dear to my heart. Which has motivated me to get the hell on my reading list. Currently decorating my shelf are:

And I'm sure one or two other delicious nuggets of nonfiction that I've yet to sink my teeth into. Since starting law school, I find I've become a feast-or-famine reader, when it comes to my own reading. However, I feel like fresh baked hell today, so perhaps I'll catch up?

**Rather obviously a pseudonym.

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