Saturday, February 17, 2007


I've long been a semi-faithful fan of Wil Wheton's blog--a fact which my mother must never learn, since she still teases me about having a raging crush on him, which is odd, since I was like 8 years old when ST:TNG was at its peak--and I have recently started reading his reviews of classic episodes on TV Squad.

Hilarious. Dude writes like I talk. I highly recommend.

I have basic cable with timeshifting, which basically means I only get up to channel 28, and then into the 100s at completely random intervals. Currently, however, I am getting Discovery Health for free, and in the background am listening to a forensic explanation of whether or not some guy died from choking on a sandwich.

...what? Where are the nymphomaniacs and the primordial dwarfs and the 300lb tumours?

And finally, I have been downloading the trial version of MSOffice 2007. All. Freakin. Day. And then? It timed out. At 96%.

*growls in frustration*

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