Thursday, April 05, 2007

Props on the blog...yo

J.B. just gave me props on my blog (props...that what the kids are saying now, right? prop-ez?)

I just wish people would comment more *cough* *cough*...

ANYWAYS, on Tuesday evening, getting off the 196, I nearly stepped on a new-looking 128 MB USB key. I looked around to see if anyone had obviously lost it, and saw nothing. So I carried it home, checked the contents, and found a resume with a name and address, indicating that the owner was a York undergrad. I e-mailed said undergrad, telling her I had her USB key and asking where I could drop it off for her. 48 hours later...and no response. Quoi? Huh? When I lost my USB at the beginning of the year (along with almost all my notes) I wanted to stab myself and could not believe that some idiot had found the flash drive in a USB port in a computer in the law library, not 6 feet from the circulation desk, chock-a-block full of identifying info, and decided "Hey, score, I'm going to keep this!"

And now when I try to do someone a favor I was denied, I get nada.

Last Saturday the Toronto Star had an interesting article on the gradual decimation of the civil rights of the Bahá'í in Egypt. Wikipedia has a summary here, and everyone and their brother is pimping this blog. It reminded me of Pakistan's Ordinance XX, targeted at Ahmadis. It's interesting--usually governments do their best to talk the talk of equity and human rights, meanwhile secretly acting or permitting the actual persecution of minorities. These are instances of the reverse: religious minorities who do not face the worst persecution, relative to other groups/places, but who have explicit laws passed against them.

The hysterical thing is that Ahmadis are not automatically considered refugees in Canada. Because there's a thin (imaginary?) line between outlawing a religion and outlawing core elements of its practice. Apparently. *rolls eyes*

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